How to choose plugins for your wordpress website? There so many plugin contributors are available in the market to offer the free and pro wordpress plugins for WordPress users. For example, if you are planning to use the custom field plugins for your wordpress, you will be suggested with plenty of plugins like ACF, Toolset, Pods, Custom Field Suite and also more in the search engine results and To install the right plugin that matches your demands, you need to follow some steps. We have given below important steps that one needs to follow before installing the wordpress add-on in the plugins list.

Check the Ratings

Ratings are the first thing you need to look at before choosing the plugin for your needs. However, if the plugin is good enough to satisfy the demands of the WordPress user, then it will surely have a lot of positive reviews in Also, most of the free plugin users will happily provide the five-star review if the plugin works flawlessly on their wordpress website, so you can install and activate the plugin with more than 4.7 average ratings on the without any third-thoughts.

Support Overview

In wordpress users will be given the option to raise the support for their queries, problems, and also assistance. Even if you do not have the wordpress website or user account in the, you will be able to view the support queries created, Similarly the solution provided by the plugin contributors. In addition, looking into the support conversations will help you to get the idea about the service provider, after that you can install the plugin after checking the support session inside the plugin page.

Use the Comparison Tools

Many useful online comparison tools are available in the market to show the difference in results for the two competitor products. If you come to know about the two best plugin providers offering the same set of functionalities in their add-on, use the comparison tool, and find which one suits the best for your needs. Doing this activity will assist you to get the correct plugin, and also helps you to save more time with the evaluation and testing.

Compare Free and Premium add-ons

Do not buy the premium add-on before evaluating the free plugin. Most of the wordpress users fail to evaluate the free plugin before making the pro purchase. Read the product documentation and functionalities of both free and premium add-on first. If the feature you demand is available in the free, do not buy Pro version. If not available, go ahead and also purchase the premium add-on.

Look into the updates

Do not fail to look into the changelog and updates of the plugin. The plugin contributor who didn’t write the update features for the latest PHP version, and wordpress versions are the in-active contributors in the market, and you are also advised not to use those plugins in your server. Similarly, Check the last updated time of the plugin, and also tested version of the wordpress before installing in your wordpress instance.

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