Here’s all you need to know about the top 5 features about WordPress 5.3


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Here’s all you need to know about the top 5 features about WordPress 5.3

The latest version of WordPress 5.3 comes with over 150 new features and improvements over its predecessor. The software was released on 12th November to the public.

But before we begin to describe the features here is look in what’s coming your way. It is equipped with new blocks, more intuitive interactions and much better accessibility. The new features allow you to have more freedom to design and provide additional layout options and variations in style. All this allows a developer to have more control over the webpage.

It also introduces a new Twenty Twenty theme giving the developer more design flexibility and integration.

Creating beautifully designed webpages is now easier using the all-new WordPress 5.3

Here we will focus on the top 5 features so that you are prepared in advance to use the software-

1. Get ready to use a faster and more intuitive Block Editor

The Block Editor has been redesigned in such a way that it gives the user a much more smooth experience. The name of the editor has been changed from the Gutenberg Editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 to Block Editor.

The major improvement has been done to improve the overall experience of the user while using the Block Editor to create posts and pages. Page load has been decreased considerably as well.

2. Get previews and explanations of blocks

Now you can see a preview of the individual blocks thanks to the new “Add Block” menu. You can also get a better explanation of what each block does. It might look small but it helps in picking the right block for your use.

3. Get larger image support on WordPress 5.3

It includes support for uploading high-resolution images. Similarly, you can upload pictures taken from your smartphone or camera and use it work on WordPress 5.3. Likewise, there is an in-built feature that automatically optimizes the size of the image without distortion.

This is a major update as sometimes we don’t understand how big images can slow down the loading of a website. Now with the help of WordPress 5.3 pictures can automatically be resized to 256 pixels on upload.

4. Introducing the new Twenty Twenty WordPress default theme

Twenty-Twenty is the new default theme on WordPress 5.3 It has been designed with flexibility in mind that is both bright and also beautiful. If you are a lover of fonts then you might like the new typeface Inter. Inter is a variable font version that actually reduces the load time by containing all font styles and weights in two different font files.

5. In addition, the WordPress Admin interface has also been redesigned

When you open the WordPress Admin you should notice the changes all at once. The changes have been done to improve accessibility.

Here are some of the major changes on the WordPress Admin page-

  • Strong color contrast on forms and buttons
  • Focus style theme on fields and buttons
  • Darker tables and meta boxes that have a hierarchy in interface elements

However, WordPress 5.3 has updated to give a better user experience to the user in terms of use and also comes with improved accessibility.

Here’s all you need to know about the top 5 features about WordPress 5.3




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