As a beginning web developers, you will not keep an eye on the mistake that you make at the time of web development. But after completing the task, the completed work will go for testing, and the faults will be noticed by the debugging team. All the errors will also be noted and re-assign back to you for proper development. To save time and trouble, here we have added 10 common mistakes that every web developers make during the development, and ways to avoid it.

The 10 Mistakes Web Developers Make In Common

1. Writing Old-School HTML

Only fewer options were available for the web developers in the early days than we have today. But in this 20th century, still many developers are using the Old-School HTML elements for the layouts and also these are not supported in the HTML standards available for the current generation users. To avoid this problem and also to display the content in the correct manner, use the CSS.

2. Works in my browser

If you are web developers, you will also develop the webpages in one web-browser. But when you hand-over the website works to the testing team, they will test it and report back the issues found in the webpage work. To avoid this problem, try to test in top web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and more before handing over the project to the QA team.

3. Bad form

Do not let the user provide the data, and assume from your end that it will get received in an intended manner. To avoid this problem, make sure what type of data you are trying to look and collect from the customer side before implementing the works on the web-page.

4. Bloated Responses

The web-page is filled with high-quality images and graphics, so the source HTML markup goes complex and extensive. Images are the important malefactor in the page bloat, so try to remove the images and graphics that are not necessary for your web-page.

The 10 Mistakes Web Developers Make In Common

5. Codes with Issues

To get the responses, you need to use the JavaScript on your server. Even if you are an experienced developer, check-in the console no error found at the time of development. Moreover, To avoid getting the error in the codes applied on the web-page, try to test daily after completing every work from your end.

6. Writing Forking Code

The developer creates code to respond in all browsers and using the <if> statements, forks in all directions. Feature detection methods make the process easier to read and also manage. Also, fallback support will be provided for older browsers to speed with HTML5.

7. Designing Unresponsively

Responsive design is very important for webpages. If the website works well in your web-browser, then it doesn’t mean it will work on all devices. Try to test in all the internet supported devices including PC, Mobile devices, Tablets, and more to ensure it works fine before pushing it online for users.

8. Meaningless Pages

Creating the public-facing pages with the products and services content is useful, but it will not offer any value to boost the rankings in the search engines. Use SEO, and add <Meta> tags to provide the proper meaning with keywords and descriptions.

9. Developing Sites with too refreshing options

Developers without proper knowledge develop the pages that require a full refresh for each interaction. It should be avoided to stop irritating the visitor, so use the JavaScript frameworks to make it easier.

10. Working Too Much

A developer spends out more time on the website development works, and also start to do the repetitive task for hours and days from the same place. This will make the development process move slowly, so a developer needs to explore the new options available with the available tools and new techniques. Following this procedure will help you to create the webpage in a quicker time.

The 10 Mistakes Web Developers Make In Common

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