The Divi 4.0 is the latest installment in the Divi Theme Builder. The Theme Builder is equipped with all the features of the Divi Builder and also you can customize everything on your webpage using the new Divi Theme Builder. So, It allows you to build custom headers, footers, category pages, templates for your webpage and many more.

It also has some other important features like Dynamic Content, Woo Commerce Modules. So, It’s designing features are simply awesome that allows you to design the webpage exactly the way you want. Divi 4.0 is a complete game-changer that allows you to have complete control while building your webpage.

Introducing the new Divi Theme Builder

It is an enhanced version of Divi that allows build customized templates using the Divi Builder and edit any part of your webpage using the Divi Theme. You can also customize the headers, footers, design templates and do much more. The theme builder templates come with a custom header, footer and also template body which you can design in your own way.

Now you have full control over the design

When you are creating a template using the Divi Theme Builder you can design all the areas of your webpage using various tools and features that are in-built. If you are designing a template for blog posting then you can also create a custom structure for your template. Once the template design is completed all the blogs posted on your website will be updated.

Create a theme builder template and assign it to your category pages for a blog feed. Or you can also create a public website that updates the header and the footer of your website.

Fine-tune your template using total control

You can customize every portion of your webpage by assigning different templates for different locations. Design your website using assignments and also exclusions to achieve fine-tuned control. You can customize individual posts, specific locations within a post, page or category as well as customize entire post types. Each one can have their own header, footer, and also layout as designed by you.

Now you can import and export your own theme builder packs

Import and export your own builder packs including header, footer, and also layout. The Theme Builder exports are all website packs. So, It removes the requirement of child themes and gives the freedom to create a pre-built template that can be used on any website.

Customize your headers and footers

Now you can customize any portion of your website for headers and footers. You do not have to stick to the headers and footers offered by Divi and you can also create the header and the footer for your website using the Divi Builder. The menu for layouts and design are updated and have many more designs and layout options to choose from.

It’s easy to create a global header for your website while making custom headers and footers for the individual webpages.

Check out the all-new Divi 4.0 and use it to design your website. Only then you can feel the difference in the ease of use and the wide variety of options available.

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