When you take both Laravel and Codeigniter, they are the very popular choices in the market. Here we are going to see the 15 major differences between the Laravel framework and Codeigniter framework

  1. CodeIgniter does not have to provide us the option to use the ORM. On the other hand, Laravel makes users take advantage of object-relational mapping. Object-relational mapping can be use in several databases we can use the ORM system to work with varieties of databases using the methodology Active Record implementation.
  2. CodeIgniter framework can handle the database in a much better way compared to the Laravel. And both frameworks have support for the following types of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Bi, PostgreSQL, and more.
  3. The modules used in the Laravel framework can be use later for future projects. But on the other hand, you need to create the new module every time in the CodeIgniter framework.
  4. Developers who have tested the Laravel Framework reported no issues with the PHP 7 version. But the applications create using the CodeIgniter framework are seeing with issues on PHP 7 platform.
  5. There are no options available for the developers in the CodeIgniter framework to simplify the available database schema migration. But the database simplification can be easily done with the help of the Laravel framework, so the developers will find it easy like never before with the schema builder in the Laravel framework.
  6. The developer who uses the CodeIgniter framework needs to use the robust template engines if he/she needs to increase the performance of the web apps. Laravel developers do not need to integrate with robust template engines because it offers the inbuilt support robust template engine Blade.
  7. Developers using the CodeIgniter need to write the custom codes to create the REST API in custom for the web app needs. In the Laravel framework, Restful Controllers gives the option to build custom REST APIs without forcing the developer to use the new codes.
  8. When you take the database model, the Laravel framework is an object-oriented one.
  9. Laravel support only the explicit routing, but the CodeIgniter supports both the explicit and implicit routing.
  10. Options are available to divide the work into small modules in the Laravel Framework, but when you take the CodeIgniter, there are no supports available for the built-in modularity.
  11. Custom HTTPs routes can be establish by the developers with the help of the Laravel. But for the CodeIgniter, URL managers need to be use for the data transmission, and no support available for the HTTPS routes.
  12. CodeIgniter is less secure in nature. The Laravel framework is more secure compare to the CodeIgniter.
  13. CodeIgniter Framework is using in web application development with a rich set of libraries, but hard to manage. Laravel framework is more structured and it is easily manageable.
  14. CodeIgniter framework used for web application development is extremely lightweight in nature. But the Laravel framework is a little heavy compare to CodeIgniter.

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