Migrated function of PHP from PHP 7.2.x to PHP 7.3.x


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What are the new features in PHP 7.2

PHP 7.2 was officially released on November 30, Additionally, without a doubt, it was available for all clients. On the other hand, this version of PHP inbuilt with new features, improvements, and functions that allowed us to write better code.

To summarize this post. We won’t talk more about PHP 7.2 however we will discuss the Migrated function of PHP from PHP 7.2.x to PHP 7.3.x

Features of PHP 7.3

As has been noted, it is the strong and powerful version of PHP called PHP 7.3 released on 6th December 2018. Additionally, it embedded with most used features, deprecations, and functionalities. Also, a large number of bug solves and high performance. Not only, but also available for Kinsta clients as well.

The migrated function of Core PHP

  • gc_status() Certainly it fetches the information about the garbage collector.
  • array_key_last() As has been noted, it gets the very last key of an array.
  • net_get_interfaces()
  • array_key_first() In general, it gets the first key of an array.
  • is_countable() This function makes sure that the contents of a variable are a countable value without a doubt.
  • hrtime() As can be seen it get the system’s high-resolution time

Date and Time

  • DateTime::createFromImmutable() Certainly, it returns a new DateTime object encapsulating the given DateTimeImmutable object

Internationalization Functions

  • normalizer_get_raw_decomposition()
  • Normalizer::getRawDecomposition()
  • Spoofchecker::setRestrictionLevel()

GNU Multiple Precision

  • gmp_kronecker() As can bee seen it is used for  Kronecker symbol.
  • gmp_perfect_power() As I have noted , it is used to check Perfect power .
  • gmp_binomial() In general, it calculates the binomial coefficient.
  • gmp_lcm() →  Generally,  It calculates GCD

Open SSL

  • openssl_pkey_derive()

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  • ldap_bind_ext() → As an illustration . it binds to LDAP directory.
  • ldap_mod_add_ext()
  • ldap_mod_del_ext()
  • ldap_add_ext() In general. It adds entries to LDAP directory
  • ldap_mod_replace_ext()
  • ldap_exop_refresh()
  • ldap_delete_ext()
  • ldap_rename_ext()


  • socket_wsaprotocol_info_import() As has been noted. It Imports a Socket from another Process.
  • socket_wsaprotocol_info_export()  → As I have noted. It exports the WSAPROTOCOL_INFO Structure.
  • socket_wsaprotocol_info_release() → As can been seen. It releases an exported WSAPROTOCOL_INFO Structure.

FastCGI Process Manager

  • fpm_get_status()

Other Interest

PHP New Function: gc_status()


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