The Laravel group is happily pleased to declare the release of Laravel 6 and it’s presently accessible to everybody. This release denotes the beginning of the Laravel framework (laravel/framework) utilizing Semantic Versioning. Likewise, this release incorporates similarity with Laravel Vapor, improved authorization responses, job middleware, lazy collections, sub-query improvements, among numerous different improvements which we’ll discuss below very soon. 

It’s been around 4.5 years Laravel 5.0 was present, and till the time the Laravel system has bloom and clients, just as designers, have nothing to grumble about this free open-source PHP framework

Despite the fact that the bounce from 5.8 to 6.0 is a major release, Otwell has updated that in terms of new features and changes, this update will be increasing like moving from 5.8 to 5.9. 

Laravel has had huge updates with each major variant release, which is typical in a youthful framework. Each update is all through 5.x laid the basis for a stable and robust framework. Going ahead with 6.0, you won’t need to stress as a lot over huge breaking changes and modifies with each new major release. As a result of this new solidness, the Laravel framework bundle is officially receiving the more traditional semantic versioning.

Laravel Passport, Laravel Horizon, Laravel Echo, Laravel Scout are some previous creations of the instruments that have been present from that point forward. A week ago on the third Sept 2019, Taylor Otwell chose to present 6.0 skipping Laravel 5.9. 

I am reviewing this blog to get you on the latest highlights with viable guides, to begin with, “what’s happening in Laravel 6”. Be that as it may, it’s LTS release that will continue getting updates and fixes for some time period with bug fixes until third Sept 2021 and the security fixes until third Sept 2022.

New Features Added: 

  • Lazy Collections

Laravel 6.0 presents lazy collections that allow you to deal with low memory usage maintaining substantial data. Lazy Collection has been present to deal with huge datasets along with keeping the memory usage low.

  • String and Array Helpers are included in this package.

The latest updates have removed all str_helpers capacities as a matter of course. This new package has been present for array and string helpers’ capacity. To utilize array and helpers in Laravel 6 is making use of the composer package.

  • Added Carbon 2.0

Laravel 6.0, has removed the Carbon 1.x version and put it in Carbon 2.0. 

  • Primary Key Type

Laravel 6.0 has announced performance optimization that is making use of the primary key model.

  • Ignition- Error Page

Ignition – it is a default page error that is present in Laravel 6.0 which improves stack traces and debugging expectations. It shows detail information about the user, context, request, application, and debug. logs, queries, and dumps are shown in the debug tab. If you’re having Laravel 5 then also you can install the Ignition error page.

  • Better Authorization Responses

A static method inspection is add to the class Gate to monitor if the user is authorize to access the resource. 

You can recover response as well as message utilizing this method Gate.

  • Job Middleware feature

Taylor presented this feature to perform the job through certain middleware to wrap the custom logic around the execution of row jobs and differ the logic from jobs.

  • Laravel UI

Another update to know about is the extraction of the Laravel/UI package. Front-end scaffolding will even now exist, it’s simply exclude by default. This implies in another Laravel 6.0 application, you won’t perceive any Vue or Bootstrap scaffolding. 

The package currently contains presets for React, Vue, and Bootstrap. In a tweet back in May, Otwell makes reference to that he’s thinking about including a Tailwind option too!

  • Laravel Vapor Compatibility 

Laravel Vapor is currently good with Laravel 6.0. It’s an auto-scaling serverless deployment platform. Prior to this release, the vast majority utilized Laravel Forge to the arrangement and convey their applications. 

With Forge, you could associate your picked server (Digital Ocean, AWS, and so on.) and Forge would arrange it explicitly for your Laravel Application. This is amazing obviously, however despite everything you need to manage new updates for yourself. 

Laravel Vapor does most of this and the sky’s the limit from there. Rather than managing and updating servers for your Laravel application all alone, Vapor is completely serverless!

  • Support Policy

Laravel 6.0 bug fixes are implement for 2 years, and security fixes are implement for 3 years. For all further libraries, containing Lumen, the latest release receives bug fixes.

  • Instructions to upgrade to Laravel 6.0 

The Laravel documentation recommends that it should take around one hour to upgrade from 5.8 to 6.0. Your venture may have different dependencies and external packages that can increase that time, so remember that, once you have decided to upgrade. 

Please Note: In your composer.json file, change the Laravel framework dependency from 5.8.* to ^6.0. If you’re using older than version 5.8, it’s recommend to first you should upgrade to 5.8 before doing the change to 6.0.


In the present continually evolving world, not many PHP frameworks and stages have steadiness. Yet, PHP is an exceptionally utilize framework – thus, Laravel will be here in the market for a long time. 

This framework has the entire ecosystem that incorporates first-rate products, for example, Forge, Cashier, Valet, Nova, Tinker, and it is examining different products. 

Currently arrived in the family is Laravel Vapor – serverless deployment framework. Taylor Otwell and the team of Laravel are just presenting incredible things. 

The most recent release has made a wow factor among the community because of its unbelievable arrangement of highlights. Laravel holds immense community support, and it would appear that this new PHP framework is brilliant.

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