WordPress users are always in search to find the best theme in the market for their website needs. The blazing-fast theme is what every wordpress users want to have in their theme section. Recently, Divi 3.1 theme has been launched in the market, and also plenty of wordpress users have started to use it. Divi 3.1 theme is flexible, and everyone can also easily customize the building blocks. Divi builders are tailored mainly for the non-coders.

Two basic paid plans are available to use the Divi 3.1 theme

  • Personal Plan – $69/year.
  • Developer Plan – $89/year.

If customers choose the Personal plan, access will be given to get the technical support and also updates. Choosing the developer plan will also help the customers to get the above features including all plugins and Photoshop files.

What’s New in Divi?

A lot of enhancement has been done in the theme functions on this new release. Here’s what new in the Divi 3.1 theme.

Observe changes instantly

On the front end of the website, users can also create and edit their new/existing pages in an easy way. If the user deactivates the Divi 3.1 theme, users cannot edit the pages from the front-end. If you activate the theme from the backend, every page becomes editable.

Add content on the go

Adding the required content on your page is a lot easier now. All you have to do is to hover the desired area, and also need to click the ‘+’ button to add the content. When you do this, you will able to see the 40+ content elements. Also, for a user, it is much simpler to find the desired content element on the go. You will find it super-fast for your needs and also will appear instantly.

Drag and drop is easy now

With Divi, you can build each and every page of the website with the actual content like never before. Zoom out feature is available in Divi 3.1 so you can preview the edited page easily and also can do modifications if needed. Previewing the pages will help you to see how the pages are coming out at the working time. Also, users can easily drag and drop a large number of contents in a few seconds instantly. Users can also choose the copy and paste functionality easily.

Easy responsive editing

A user will always find a way to build a responsive website, and with the help of the Divi 3.1 theme, it is easy achievable. The new visual builder with stunning and responsive designs helps the visitors of the website to view the pages in the tablets, mobile phones, and desktops without any problem.

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