The speed of the pages on the website will only help to bring more visitors to the website all day. To improve the website user experience along with the website traffic, using the WordPress image compression plugins are also the ultimate choice. These plugins available in the market compress resize and also modify the images to give the dashing fast responsive website for the users.

Here we list the top 10 plugins available in the market to improve the load speed of the website below:

1. WP Smush

WP Smush is the fastest and easiest image compression plugin that works with the amazing feature, and also it is completely free. The WP Smush plugin controls the image width and also height to the preferred dimensions. WP Smush also compresses images in any directory you want.

2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is easy to use image compression plugin which users can install and also used for the image and pdf file compression on the website. The plugin has the option to compress the JPEG, JPG, PNG images, and also PDF documents.

3. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

This plugin compresses your website’s images and also optimizes new images onto your WordPress. Also, users can resize the original image to the desired image size with this plugin.

4. BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load plugin replaces all images with a placeholder. This BJ Lazy Load plugin displays all the text with elements before the images. This will allow the page to load more quickly, and also the visitor present on the website will read the content too.

5. Imsanity

Insanity plugin resizes the image to a particular size. The best thing about this plugin is it will also resize the image automatically after the user uploads the image to the system.

6. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is also a popular WordPress plugin increases the speed of the website by optimizing the image size. Page speed will also help the user to get a good ranking in Google search engines.

7. CW Image Optimizer

The CW Image Optimizer optimizes your images by compressing them without compromising on their quality. Also, The plugin uses lossless image optimization techniques that compress images while maintaining image quality.

8. Hammy

The plugin converts your regular size images into smaller size images. The Hammy plugin displays the correct image size after the user lands on your website. This plugin has retina display support, so al images look amazing on retina screens.

9. SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress image optimization plugin which is mainly used to update all the images along with the alt text and also title for improving the SERP’s. This plugin also assigns text and ALT titles properly without any problem.

10. Lazy Load

Lazy Load is WordPress Image Compression Plugin which will also assist you to load images on the website that are very close and visible to your visitor. This functionality improves user experience and loading time.

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