Creating a button with CSS animation effect plays the most important role to build a connection over the internet among different web pages. If these links would be represented in attractive effects, it will help us to invite more and more users. Buttons/Links works as CTA (call to action) on most of the web pages.

If you are searching for some ideas to create a button with the CSS animation effect, I am sure this article will give you the best ideas which you can use in your site. Anyone can easily tweak with pure CSS button hover effects animation even if he/she doesn’t know much CSS and JavaScript.

Let’s take a look.

Use of CSS animations. You need to create a @keyframes sequence first. In this case, we are using a box-shadow.


@keyframes shadow-pulse


     0% {

          box-shadow: 0 0 0 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);


     100% {

          box-shadow: 0 0 0 35px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);



The value of box-shadow spread-radius sets the expansion of the shadow effect. In the button CSS, invoke the animation property.




     animation: shadow-pulse 1s infinite;


Animation-iteration-count is the last value in the animation property, that is set to infinite in Ex.1 In Ex.2 it is set to 3 iterations, and in the Ex.3 a single instance.




     animation: shadow-pulse 1s 3;




     animation: shadow-pulse 1s 1;


CSS animations work with Internet 4+, IE11, Firefox 61+, Microsoft Edge 17+, Safari 11.1+, Chrome for Android 67+, iOS Safari 10.3+ and Chrome 49

Button Hover Effects

CSS buttons are the very first starting point for animation effects. These are the most practical use in every day since they manage huge interactivity. CTA buttons- Call to action are begging for attention however you can get the attention even quicker with these hover effects.

Every effect uses pure CSS for the animation. Some of these buttons depend on JS for the mouseover events however the animations are controlled in CSS.

You will get a handful of navigation to hover events for this pen. These depend on pure CSS that controls each link with different hover effects.

Navigation menus are generic and quite easy. That is why hover events make an interesting design and show your audience that you care about the details mentioned on links.

Almost all these animations are compatible with any website, so they are much better for copy and pasting into any layout.

CSS Tooltip Hovers

Generally, all the browser are compatible with default tooltips however you can always make your own by using plugins or by cloning pens. It was introduced by ‘Ty Strong’ and it tells you how far you can take pure CSS tooltips.

This concept totally works by the HTML <dfn> tag. When hovering some text collected in <dfn> tag it will automatically fade into view on hover which seems such as tooltip.

The concept of CSS triangle has been a couple of years hence it is so easy to create the tooltip style again.

Photo Hover Effects

How often do we get photo galleries with no attraction subtitles and with no actual context? As has been noted that they just make us feel bored and lazy.

You can give the effects on the photo which all based on the thumbnail gallery. You will be able to see the photo’s title, it’s the description and ‘read more’ button as well.

Each photo’s collection slides can view different angles and it allows the image gallery pop at the right of the page.

CSS Icons on Hover

I am giving you another example of something very interesting which you can create with pure CSS. In this concept, the buttons will be hidden which appear only when a cursor placed on the top of them. 

Each icon procures from the “Font Awesome” hence you can replicate this design with free icons.

These effects including stretches, fading icons, and slide-ins that appear on hover and disappear if the goes somewhere else.

Overlay Nav Animation

Fullscreen nav menus are most used for responsive sites they work for almost all the users as well. However, these do not have to be static or boring when you have overlay effects. 

This beastly animation was developed by Ryan Mulligan with pure CSS keyframes which are runs on a single CSS class.

The Click action performed by JQuery however motion is all from CSS.

Other Interest

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